Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Creating a road map for moshiach's times...

When creating the world, G-d started out with His final objective in mind. Hence, the wish for a brighter future and the hope for a world of peace, harmony, and prosperity are universal. Judaism believes that this hope and vision lies at the core of creation—and of every human soul. We refer to this ultimate goal as the Geulah, the Redemption, which will be ushered in by Moshiach.

What can we do to make this future a reality? The first thing is to simply become aware of this inner desire and hope. The more aware we are of this desire, and the more clearly we see this goal, the more it will positively influence our actions—which will then make our aspirations a concrete reality.

And so, we must begin by envisioning the ultimate objective as clearly as possible, and then use that focal point to design a course of action that will guide our decisions.
The Rebbe teaches that it is not enough for us to envision and hope for Moshiach, we must also create a plan to get us there. A road map.

One of the most basic achievements that will be reached during the Messianic Era will be the spiritual purification of the environment.
In order to bring this achievement about, we must do whatever we can to purify our own environment and create a wholesome spiritual atmosphere.
We do this primarily by learning, thinking, and speaking words of Torah.
Start now in your corner and before you know it, the entire world will be purified.