Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shabbat Shira - Song. Power of Song.

This past shabbat, we read in the Torah the song sung by Israel after the parting of the Red Sea.

What gives song/music its power? How does it have the ability to transport us to another time and place?

The Kabbalah says: The way a soul can move around is through song. Songs have this power because they are the language of the Divine.

When G-d created the universe, He consulted, so to speak, with the angels: “Should I bestow upon the human race the gift of music?” The angels replied with a resounding “no.” “The human race will not appreciate the sublime power of melody. They won’t know how to appreciate angelic, divine nature of song. “Give us your gift of music,” the angels said, “and we will sing Your praises, we will sing Your songs. We will know how to use the power of melody to reach great spiritual heights.”

“No. I will give the gift of music to humans". Decided G-d, "Because I want them to have something to remember Me with.

“Sometimes life will be difficult. Man can feel depressed and hopeless. I therefore want them to have song to remind them, that even you’re stuck in the dire straits of material existence or are experiencing loneliness you can break out in song, which will lift your spirits.

“Yes indeed,” G-d concluded, “I will give the human being the language of music and song, so that he can use it to discover transcendence.”

Song has the ability to transport the soul because the source of its power is its Divine language. Songs have the ability to lift our spirits to unprecedented heights. It is spiritual transportation.

Every creature, every molecule, every atom emits its own unique sound. Every soul pulsates and purrs. .

To access the music within, we need to get in touch with our life’s purpose and recognize that every moment of our day, every activity and every interaction is a spiritual opportunity.

We are now, after the 'Shabbat of Song', imbued with the power to turn our lives into one extended symphony.

High time to start singing.