Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pray to G-d. Don't be ashamed to do the right thing!

When a Jew performs the mitzvot and is not embarrassed by his Judaism, he then has the ability to even change the actions of a non-Jew.

There was once a wealthy Jew who would every so often take a vacation on his yacht. On one such journey he kept asking his non-Jewish captain which direction was East. The captain answered him, then asked him in surprise: 'You are not a captain nor a sailor who is involved in sailing this yacht, so why are you so interested to know which direction east is?"

The Jew answered: "Three times a day I pray to the Master of the world, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, there is a special prayer, called the shmonei esrei, and we are commanded to say this prayer facing in the direction of the city of Jerusalem, which is in the East.
So when i am home", continued explaining the Jew, "I know which side is East, but on the boast which is constantly moving I dont know which direction we're in."

The non-Jewish captain was impressed. He said, "If a rich and successful man like you can stop everything three times a day in order to pray to the Creator then i too should every day pray to Him".

Some time later when the Captain met this Jew again, he told him that ever since they talked about Prayer, he talked to his friends and family about the necessity of thinking about the creator and praying to Him.

The captain ended by saying, 
"If all the people in the world would think about the Creator and pray to Him, the world would be a much better place than it is today."

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