Sunday, July 22, 2012

Power of Speech!

Man below is a reflection of the Above. The power of human speech below mimics the creative power of Divine speech. Divine speech creates reality. Our words and how we language our thoughts is a process of continually creating the world around us.
Just as we have the power to create with speech, we have the equivalent ability to destroy through speech. Our words, which are our projections and vibrations, alter the inner frequency of the universe, for good and for the opposite.
Occasionally we may stumble and speak ill about others or ourselves. When that happens we need to re-calibrate and undo past negative words by using speech itself. Speaking our thoughts aloud makes them more concrete. The power of our speech is that it creates our reality.
We should accustom ourselves to repeat positive affirmations as we go through our day. This can empty the mind of inappropriate thoughts and create positive realities.
You may find yourself voicing your thoughts to yourself with words such as “I am not a good person, I am lazy, incompetent, etc....” Consciously reverse these statements and voice them aloud. Try saying “I am essentially a good person, I can and do have the inner resources to change the direction of my life”. Begin to create a positive reality for yourself through positive speech
Whether there are words that you have spoken that need to be amended, or words that should have been said and were kept silenced, this is the week to express and reverse through speech, creating our ideal reality through using our words correctly.
Note the way that you use your speech and ensure that your words are not destructive. Consciously use your power of speech to build, uplift and create a better reality.

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